Carbuncle's Favor Confectionery

Confectionery and Apothecary

"Sweets to eat and treat."

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary shares comfits and drafts of the eclectic fare, directly to you, with gift packaging available.
Custom orders allowed within guidelines!

Catering and delivery also available. Please contact Zihji'li Nhikna for details.

OOC Stuff

All gil amounts are IC and follow 100 gil = 1.00 USD; no OOC gil is required, but donations are appreciated.

Please, no IC sabotage of any kind without consulting OOC beforehand.

As of 5.1, you can find the official Fellowship headed by Zihji'li Nhikna on Balmung under Roleplaying, Player Events, and Making Friends.

Any relations to people real or fictional is entirely coincidental, and Carbuncle's Favor Confectionery does not condone any partaking of illegal activities or substances in real life. Drink responsibly.



Candy Marbles—60g per 8-oz bag, 150g per 24-oz jar

Small candy orbs with an extra flavor ribboned in the center. Ask for a single flavor, or try the assorted bag!

  • spice (cinnamon, cardamom)

  • beet sugar + vanilla cream

  • apple + rosemary

  • la noscean orange + galago mint

  • galago mint + loquat

  • honey + spiced ogre pumpkin

  • blood orange + melon

Bonbon Shards—160g per 2-oz bag

Candy bark with a varying hodgepodge of fruits, nuts, and other saccharine bits.

  • Dark Chocolate (dried fruit [blood orange slices, prickly pineapple], roasted, chopped Gridanian chestnuts, sweet paprika sugar beet pearls

  • Milk Chocolate (dried fruit [La Noscean orange slices, cherries], roasted, crushed dark chestnuts, maple sugar pearls)

  • White Chocolate (dried fruit [rolanberry, old world fig], roasted, sliced honeydew almonds, vanilla sugar beet pearls)

Fruit Sparksters—120g per 2, 3-yalm rolls

Fruit leather "belt" rolls with citric candy bits. Pops and crackles as they're eaten! Don't actually wear them. Please.

  • rolanberry

  • snurbleberry

  • blood currant

  • sun and honey lemon

  • loquat

Candy Crags—130g per 2, 2-fulm coils

Rock candy laced on edible agar twine! Offered in single and rainbow variants.

  • rolanberry

  • honey lemon

  • La Noscean orange

  • Lowland grape

  • vanilla

Eye of the Storm—170g per 3 cubes

A decadent trio of golden cubes. Lime and passionfruit jelly rests on a sponge bed and blanketed in hazelnut bavarios, all housed in a toasted pine nut and milk chocolate blanket. Encouraged to share!

Miner Motes—100g per 8-onzes

Frozen ice cream dots that keep for longer, but melts on your tongue! Served with mild, sweet cookie cups and spoons.

  • chocolate

  • rolanberry

  • vanilla

  • root beer

  • Trial and Error (blueberry, coconut and honey cream)

  • Fireside Memories (dark chocolate, cinnamon, faerie apple, and fluffmallow)

  • Dessert for Breakfast (maple, orange cream, and coconut pancake)

  • Heat Retreat (mint, coconut, lime, and passionfruit)

  • Harvest Musings (ogre pumpkin, vanilla, spice cream, mirror apple); served with commemorative maple cookie cups and spoons!

Hoopla Heaps—190g per 2 cakes

Two big chewy cookie cakes with filling in between! Choice of two.

  • Sweet n' Tart Bouquet (cherry-vanilla marble cake w/ chopped almond covered whipped dark chocolate)

  • Teahouse Rendezvous (midnight chocolate cake w/ matcha cream)

  • Savoury Somethings (zucchini rice cake w/ cilantro and coconut cheese)

  • All "Fig"-ured Out (milk and fig cake w/ rose water caramel)

  • Back to Basics (coconut milk chocolate cake w/ vanilla buttercream)

Tea Party Drops—80g per 12-oz bag, 220g per 32-oz jar

Select from a sample variety of tea (and coffee) hard candies to place your cup in the palm of your hand! Available in a bag or jar.

  • green tea

  • mulled spice

  • chai

  • chamomile-honey

  • lavender-mint

  • triple cream coffee

  • light to extra dark coffee

  • latte

  • pumpkin spice latte

  • caffé omcha

  • espresso


Citrus Dreams—150g per slice; 1200g per cake

Crown jewel of the confectionery! A pastel cylindrical delight of whipped coconut milk agar gelatin mousse cake with ground loquat on a sponge cake base under a crown of a thinner layer of loquat juice gelatin rimmed with alternating loquat slices atop it. Honey lemon gelatin rests in its center.
Order by the slice, or get a whole cake to share (generously pre sliced for 10)!

For the Road—140g

Large, chewy cookie (10-ilms in diameter).
Share with a friend...or don't. No judging here.

  • Chocolate (white, dark, or milk) white chocolate truffle and fluffmallow bits

  • Beet Sugar (toasted Gridanian chestnuts and cinnamon spice)

Dew Drop Cake—125g per 6-oz dome

Edible [viola] petals suspended in a clear agar gelatin dome on a soymilk base. Flower colour denotes gelatin flavor.

  • red / sugar beet

  • white / faerie apple

  • orange / Coerthan carrot

  • blue / grape

  • black / rose water

Cream Puffs—190g, 2 per

Crispy outside, soft inside! Choice of cream puff flavour with or without whipped icing.

  • Cream Puffsvanilla, chocolate (white or dark), rolanberry

  • Whipped Icing vanilla, almond cream, honey cream, chocolate (white, dark, or milk), mint cream

Fruit Medley Peak—175g per 10-oz, square slice

Vibrant, striped ice cream cake of roasted vanilla buttercream ice cream on chocolate cake base topped with sliced rolaberry, kiwi, and loquat.

Lock and Key Cake—160g per slice; 1280g per cake

Lush, moist cake highlighting a blend of chocolate and jhammel ginger, covered in a dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chopped crystallized ginger.
Enjoy by the slice, or share secrets with a whole cake (generously pre sliced for 10)!

Bottoms-Up Rosy—145g per slice

Upside down cherry cake garnished with latticed vanilla-almond glaze and candied sun lemon zest.

S'more to Love—160g per slice; 1280g per cake

A cake blending chocolate divinity 'twixt graham crackers and rolled cinnamony goodness, topped with a golden, fluffmallow crown.
Enjoy by the slice, or share the love with an entire cake (generously pre sliced for 10)!

Kukuru Trove Wedges—140g per 2 wedges

A cocoa powdered, fluffy royal kukuru mousse rests atop dense, apricot swirled, dark chocolate brownies.

Bobbin' Apple Barrel Cake—170g per slice; 1360g per cake

Decadent spice chocolate swirl cake covered in whipped buttermilk frosting under oozing crowns of dark chocolate and salted caramel, sprinkled with sea salt and crushed peanuts, and adorned with caramel-dipped, faerie apple slices.
Enjoy by the slice, or spirit away an entire cake (generously pre-sliced for 10)!

All Smiles n' Snickers—160g per slice; 1280g per cake

Snickerdoodle reimagined as a cheesecake, complete with sugar cookie crust and cinnamon sugar powder. Rimmed with whipped cream rosettes and snickerdoodle cookie shard.
Enjoy by the slice, or share the grins with an entire cake (generously pre-sliced for 10)!


Moon Nectar—125g per 15-oz glass

Shimmering mint and jasmine tea blend garnished with vanilla beet sugar droplets and candied honey lemon slice.

Eclipse Cocoa—130g per 12-oz mug

Velvety white chocolate and vanilla bean cocoa topped with chocolate coconut whipped cream and beet sugar dust. Served in a commemorative zen smiling moon mug.

Umbral Temptation—130g per 12-oz mug

Velvety dark chocolate cocoa with a spicy kiss, served with choice of pumpkin spice marbled fluffmallows, or coconut whipped cream. Served in a commemorative grinning moon mug.

Sunset Smooch—120g per 12-oz glass

Double-brewed orange spice tea sure to leave a smile on your face. Great hot or cold! Garnished with a candied blood orange slice.

Faerie Beer (non-alcoholic)—110g per 12-oz bottle; 550 per case

Ginger, honey lemon juice, honey, prickly pineapple juice, and filtered water brewed to subtly sweet yet palate-punching perfection!
Available to order as a case of 6.

Rollickin' Khali—165g per 13-oz glass

Coconut, lemon, and passionfruit swizzle with a splash of specialty non-alcoholic whiskey! Garnished with grilled pineapple and sage sprig to complement smokiness.

Mocking Maggie—140g per 15-oz glass

Refreshing mango, peach, and blood orange sangria mocktail, complete with iced mango and peach fruit cubes to keep cold without watering it down!

Blushing Amber—115g per 12-oz glass

Cinnamon spice and peach layered slushie, capped with coconut whipped cream, candied galago mint bits, and a sweet-and-sour coated cherry.


Medicine offered here is not meant to primarily treat or cure diseases, but to complement treatment depending on the type, and are non-addictive. Marked for beneficial purposes, and wrapped/sealed with biodegradable materials.
Please consult your healer (or have them contact us) to see if they are right for you!
Please specify any allergies when ordering.

Custom order only. Bulk discounts available.
Delivery within 4-11 business suns depending on order queue.

Pompon Pops

Less inclined to potions? Choose your favourite flower, flavour, and preferred benefit to have a dose always on hand in an easily dissolved, lollipop form. Offered with short or long sticks.

Materia Medica Drops

Not a fan of bottles? Choose your favourite flavour, (respectful) shape, and preferred benefit to have a dose ready as a candy drop! Available in gummy or hard varieties.
Note: Not actually materia. Do not slot into anything.

Succor Sap

Fancy a mixable option? Choose your preferred benefit to have a jar of delightful nectar handy! Safe to eat the recommended dosage as-is, but encouraged to add to water or a hot drink, and dissolve.

Fairy Folios

Take a sheet, place it on your tongue, and dissolve! A quick acting pick-me-up with Eos' Cheer, or wind-down with Selene's Repose. Offered in a paired pack to have both needs provided.